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The BRA CX3.
BRA CX3 carBRA ceased production of the CX3 in 2002 when the project was sold to a company in East Sussex. We believe that no CX3's have been produced since then.

The CX3 was based on the reliable Honda CX500 motorcycle although other variants could be used including the CX500 Sport and CX650. All variants are water cooled.

Motorcycle components used include the Engine, Transmission, rear swing arm/wheel/suspension plus ancillary equipment such as wiring, cooling system, etc. Front suspension is double wishbone with coil over dampers, Ford Cortina (mk4/5) suspension uprights and Ford Escort (mk1/2) steering rack. Other suspension components included Ford Transit drag links and Cortina suspension ball joints. The wishbones were designed and manufactured by BRA.

BRA CX3 Honda CX500 based trikeThe CX3 chassis is a space frame construction and included mounting points for all major components. Other main components manufactured by BRA included the steering column, pedal box, gear linkages, and the prop shaft (which was a greatly modified CX500 component).

Body work was manufactured by BRA. The nose cone, scuttle, rear cover and cycle wings were manufactured from self coloured GRP. The centre hinged bonnets were manufactured from alluminium and the side panels were alluminium alloy.

The twin stainless steel exhaust system was manufactured to BRA specifications by a company in Nottingham.

BRA manufactured a range of optional equipment for the CX3 including seat sets, tonneau covers, screens, trim and instruments.

BRA CX3 three wheeler Honda CX500 based kit carThe CX3 chassis could be modified by BRA to accept the mechanical components from a Moto Guzzi motorcycle. To achieve this conversion modifications to the engine mountings, gear change mechanism, transmission, transmission tunnel and mountings for the rear swing arm, wheel and associated components were required. BRA manufactured five of these converted chassis and cars built using them are known as MG3's. Other "special" chassis included a version which allowed the components from a Honda Pan-European (ST1100) to be installed.

During the final two years of production, CX3 chassis were limited to no more than 10 in any one year and the typical waiting time for a kit (in 2001) was 4 months.

Fully built CX3's, built to show standard, demand good prices on the used market and will therefore bring the builder a good return should the decision be made to sell the car. As an example, a customer built CX3 was sold in 2002 for 5500 and another recent sale of a customer built CX3 raised 9500. CX3's in "nice" condition are quickly becoming collectable. Factory built cars have been known to achieve over 14,000.

"The CX3. A fine instrument of personal entertainment"
Ian Hyne. KitCars International Magazine.

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